First Figurative Painting

March 16, 2018

Having since attended my first life drawing class, I’ve been drawing the human figure in my spare time using photographs as my model references. A friend of mine will kindly model for me tomorrow and I can’t wait to draw from a real life model and see where the painting will take me!

Until then, here are a couple of close up shots of this art model on a chair. I like the earthy colours I’ve used, her booty and the effect of draping the white fabric over the chair.

Figure painting is what every artist aspires to do well, and there is an incredible amount of diversity in the genre—but plenty of challenges when it comes to painting figures with power and depth.

The few tips I’ve picked up when figure drawing are:

  1. Take some time to look
  2. Make sure the drawing fits the page
  3. Get the proportions right
  4. Experiment with different medium
  5. Don’t make the figure look like its floating in space